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Superior Customer Service

Tell us what you need so we can get it done to the best we know how.

Top Product Knowledge

We know our parts – it’s our pride. That means efficiency in our work and less hassle for you.

Large Network of Suppliers

Part Availability is never a problem with our overlap of suppliers we can get the part in within 2-3 business days, and fit it within the next day.

We’re dedicated

Commitment – it’s just the way our Staff do things.

Open Six Days

We can solve your problems that one day sooner.

New and Recycled Parts.

When to Use Recycled Parts?

Your choice depends on your budget, quality and performance you seek. Our trusted Parts Interpreter and Mechanical Team can guide you in choosing a part you can depend on, without spending an arm and a leg to get the performance you want.

Benefits of Recycled Parts:
  • More Variety & Availability
  • Lower Cost. Recycled parts are usually cheaper than OEM parts, but make sure you know what you’re getting, if the price is too good to be true it usually is.
How can you trust a used part doesn’t have any faults?

One reason. You have us.

We do this every day, we know what to trust and what to avoid. We can save you the time and worry, and we can also help you avoid the frustration of a part failing before it should.

We are also trusted by these Taroom locals & these Australian Agricultural and Mining names.

When to Use New Parts?

Although you are guaranteed quality and confidence, new parts come from one source, and if possible we get them from the same manufacturer as your vehicle, which means it would not be unusual to wait weeks for a part to arrive in store.

In the absence of a quality recycled part, we advise using a new version.

  • Quality Assurance backed by the promise of the manufacturer.
  • Less Worry. No need to compare quality or prices, and they come with warranty.

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