Service & Preventative Maintenance

Inspections are necessary to insure all vehicles on the road meet a certain safety standard. Also known as a safety certificate, a certicate of inspection.

Log Book services

Roadworthy Inspections

Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy Inspections

Log Book Services

As an approved inspection station you will be confident that the service you pay for is a job well done.

We recommend servicing your vehicle every 6 months or every 10,000 k’s.

Basic Car Service

  • minor standard test
  • oil checks
  • the same each time

Log Book Service

  • Vehicles with less than 250 k will have manufactuerers recommended schedule for parts maintenance and replacement.
  • Varies for each vehicle
  • Necessary for new car warranty
  • Maintain optimal safety and performance

Each automotive manufacturer has specified ways they maintain a vehicle, we are fully qualifies and know the ins and outs of these requirements.

Nationally Accredited Roadworthy Inspection Station

Light Vehicles & Roadworthy Inspections

Cars and Small Trailers are all classified as ‘light’ vehicles and are subject to a few government guidelines on inspection.

We are authorised to inspect, approve and supply Roadworthy Certificates for Light Vehicles.

How much is a Roadworthy Inspection?

Inspections range from $40 to $120 depending on the condition of the vehicle.

How long does the inspection take?

All going well you can expect an inspection to take 60 ins. You will leave with a certificate and peace of mind, ready to get you vehicle back on the road.

Useful info: Vehicle Inspection Guidelines


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